Solar Site Assessments

REAL Solar provides solar site assessments for both residential and commercial locations.


With your solar site assessment, we provide the following:

  • On-Site consultation with the Homeowner or Business Owner to discuss needs, objectives, options, preferences, system sizing, budget, and more.

  • Site-Specific Assessment of Solar Heating and/or Solar Electric potential to typically include:

    • Available Collector Location and Space Measurements​

    • Energy Use and Needs Evaluation

    • Shading Measurements

    • Roof and Building Conditions, or Ground Space Evaluation

    • Existing Electrical and/or Heating System Evaluation

  • Fully Customized Written Proposal to Typically Include​:

    • Technology Overview​

    • System Overview

    • System Concept Design

    • Representative System Visuals

    • Shading Report

    • Itemized Cost Estimate

    • Cost Savings Estimate

    • System Performance Estimates

    • Summary of Relevant Rebates and Incentives

    • Financial Analysis and 30 Year Cash Flow Forecast

    • Summary of Environmental Impact on Emissions

    • Qualifications of the REAL Solar Design-Build Team

To Request a Solar Site Assessment Call (218) 947-3779 and talk to a sales representative.

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