Off-Grid & Energy Storage

Solar panels paired with an energy storage system such as lead-acid or lithium iron phosphate batteries can be a great way to avoid power outages, avoid costs of running power to your remote property, reduce or remove noisy generators, and many more benefits!

Our team has experience with both large and small off-grid systems, and also grid-tied systems with battery back-up for power outages. These systems take many more design considerations than standard grid-tied systems, and need some hands on attention up front from the customer and our design team to ensure quality!

Below are some examples of solar systems with energy storage!

Bemidji State University, 840 W Solar + 1.74 kWh Battery Storage, 2019

17.7 kW Solar with 109 kWh Outback Power Storage, 2017

5.2 kW Solar with 13.7 kWh Rolls Battery Storage, 2016

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