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We loved helping you with your solar installation project. Please let us know how we did by giving us your Testimonial!

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Mike & Kathy M

We thought the guys who did the installation we very professional and did a great job. They always made sure everything was cleaned up every night and at the end of the install when they left. We didn’t even know they had been there. No garbage left behind.

They also answered all of our questions. They were very respectful and friendly. We enjoyed visiting with them.

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David M

Pleasure to work with Everyone with whom I spoke was courteous and friendly. Our sales rep was great at bringing his ideas and expertise to the table while taking our homeowner's preferences into real consideration. Moreover, he was willing to invest time not only talking with us, but also crunching the numbers and drawing up scenarios on his end. The proposal was priced fairly. The site visit was thorough, impressively so, and informative as well. And I admire the work this company does in a charity vein. (One star deducted for occasionally neglecting to follow up as indicated.) Even though our project ultimately fell through due to our roof's questionable integrity...I STILL heartily recommend Real Solar, which is saying something. Choose Real Solar if you're looking to support a smaller company that operates with honesty, courtesy, and genuine care.

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Casey D

I had contacted Simon to discuss how solar could work for me twice as I thought about what I needed for my home. Although I didn't decide to invest in solar, I wanted to thank him and his colleagues for their time and attention to explaining the details of a solar installation honestly and openly. I would not expect there to be any surprises from the team if I had hired them to work for me.

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Marc S

"While we are really impressed with how the system is working to cover our power needs (particularly in summer!) the most impressive part of the experience with Real Solar was in the exploratory phase. There was no hard sell. The focus of the discussions over a 3-4 week period of time was in providing us with a realistic projection of what the system can provide. This included our issues with tree canopy concerns and sub optimal orientation of our roof. The dogged pursuit of accurate projections is what sold us on working with Real Solar“

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Larry R

The entire staff at Real Solar was friendly and helpful from the initial contact to the final installation and activation. We asked a lot of questions and proposed several options that might work for us. They patiently helped us by providing reliable information and estimates on each option. The installation process was smooth, and the crew was efficient and professional. We are pleased with the results and happy to see the immediate savings on our electric costs. We took advantage of the tax credit which made the decision to invest much easier. Instead of paying taxes, we now have an asset that is paying its own way. We recommend Real Solar to anyone considering making the move to solar.

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Erika B

We have had two roof installations of PV done by REAL Solar. They have provided thoughtful expertise from Step 1 (will this work for me?) to Step 20 (turn it on). Would recommend to anyone in the upper Midwest!

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Katie M

Solar power has been a dream for our family for a long time, and we're so excited that we were able to make it happen at our new house. Everyone we worked with at REAL Solar made the process so easy -- our questions were answered before we even thought of them!

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Mike Evenson

Real Solar was great to work with. Very knowledgeable and willing to get us the end result we were looking for. Once the installation started it went very quickly. We love watching our solar panels working for us.

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Sunny Side Farm Forest & Fabrication

We are so excited to have a solar array and REAL Solar did a wonderful job! Professional and helpful throughout the entire process, they helped us choose the best products and did a fantastic job installing them. The crew was courteous and even cleaned up after themselves! I would highly recommend them.

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Great job. Done quickly and professionally.

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narcise wix


amazing experience

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