High Volume Solar Air Heating

Voted in the TOP 9 Energy Inventions and Accomplishments of the past 200 years.

- The ASME Committee

SolarWall® systems use solar energy to heat the ventilation air required in commercial, industrial, and high-rise building. In heating climates, indoor space and ventilation heating comprises half the energy consumption of most buildings. The SolarWall® system in a proven. building-integrated technology that addresses this prominent heating load, reduces heating costs, and minimizes GHG emissions. The panels are architecturally versatile, and are used to augment the building envelope design while generating on-site renewable energy.

SolarWall® has been rated in the 'top two percent of energy related inventions."

- United States Department of Energy

SolarWall Air Heating

Solar space & ventilation heating systems

SolarWall 2-Stage

High performance solar air heating

SolarDuct Air Heating

Modular rooftop solar air heater

SolarWall Process Drying

Solar process heat & crop drying

PV / Thermal

Hybrid heating + electricity

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