SolarWall® has been rated in the 'top two percent of energy related inventions."

- United States Department of Energy

SolarWall 2-Stage - High Performance Solar Air Heating

View the record-breaking temperatures rises of 36-100 °F  (20-55 °C) above ambient being delivered from recent SolarWall 2-Stage installations!

SolarWall® 2-Stage is the latest version of the SolarWall® technology and is more suited to solar space heating applications. It builds on the technological success of the original solar air heating system, generating substantial economic and environmental benefits.

SolarWall® 2-Stage has been configured to deliver a higher temperature rise – up to  36-100 °F (20-55 °C) above ambient temperature. It is also ideally suited for windy locations and roof-mount projects.

[And as the wind speed increases, the energy output of the 2-stage system will continue to increase relative to the conventional SolarWall system.]

It operates on the same premise as the original SolarWall® technology in that outside air is heated and drawn into an air cavity via tiny mirco-perforations in the SolarWall collector. With the 2-Stage system, the air is then heated a second time (which boosts the temperature rise) as it passes though a second stage of the system. The solar heated air is then directed into the building’s ventilation system - or through a dedicated SolarWall fan & ducting system - where it is distributed throughout the building.

Up to 50%+ More Thermal Energy
Independent testing and field applications have shown that SolarWall 2-Stage will deliver up to 50+% more energy than a conventional SolarWall system, with temperature rises over 100°F being achieved on a regular basis.

SolarWall® 2-Stage Features & Advantages

  • Higher energy output that substantially lowers heating bills

  • Delivers significantly more thermal energy (as much as 50%) than a conventional low-flow SolarWall® system

  • Heats air 36-100 ˚F (20-55 ˚C) above ambient on a sunny day

  • Maintenance free

  • Up to 10+ LEED® Points

  • Heats fresh air and improves indoor air quality

  • Destratification savings for industrial buildings

  • Provides both space heating & ventilation air heating

  • Huge reduction in CO2 emissions

  • Building integrated - variety of colours


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