Voted in the TOP 9 Energy Inventions and Accomplishments of the past 200 years.

- The ASME Committee

SolarDuct® Modular Rooftop Solar Air Heating System

SolarDuct® is based on the highly efficient and award-winning SolarWall® system. The technology has been specifically engineered for roof settings and for applications in which a traditional wall mounted system is not feasible.

Like the original SolarWall® technology, SolarDuct® is a solar heating system that heats ventilation air before it enters the air handling units. The patented system uses an all-metal collector panel (transpired solar collector) and is suitable for commercial, industrial, and institutional facilities. Perforations in the panels allow the heat that normally collects on a dark surface to be uniformly drawn
through the SolarDuct® panel and then ducted into the conventional HVAC system.

The SolarDuct® system is optimized to meet site conditions in terms of orientation towards the sun and proximity to rooftop air handling units. The modular arrays are sized according to the energy requirements of the building.

SolarDuct® Features & Advantages

  • Heats ventilation air using the highest performing and lowest cost solar collector on the market

  • Collector efficiency up to 80%

  • Easy to install modular rooftop units

  • Optimized to meet site conditions

  • Internally ballasted or fastened system which is quick to assemble and simple to integrate into existing air intake system

  • Individual units are 6’ by 4’ and each produces 1000 watts of thermal energy

  • Typical string length is 48 feet long (8 units) with no limit to array size, and will deliver up to 2000 CFM of heated ventilation air and 8kW of heating

  • Substantial CO2 displacement


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